fakes in social media

Social media is changing the way people interact and how companies go about their businesses. Unfortunately, this also helps scammers promote and sell fake Louboutins. Here are some things to look out for, and how you can help.


Look out for pins that link back to websites selling fakes. 

Pinterest is a very popular platform for people to share pictures and interests, particularly among the fashion fraternity. Many images of designer shoes are pinned from websites selling fakes.
  • DO NOT pin/repin shoes from sites selling fakes
  • DO comment so that the pinner knows that their pin links back to a website selling fakes
Why this is a problem?

Every time these are pinned, and repinned, they are an advert for the shady website selling the fakes. When people click on the image, it will take them to the website selling fakes and they could end up buying a pair of fakes.

How can you tell what's real and what's not?

On the right-hand example you can see that the source is 4merrychristmas.com which is a website selling fakes. Click here for an extensive list of fakes. Make sure the source is a legitimate website.

Another tell-tale sign is the price which often appears in the description when you pin from fake websites. You can see in this example they're $160 - there is no way you can buy a pair of Lady Gres for $160, not even on sale.

What can you do?

Click 'comment' and leave a polite message explaining that the shoes are from a website selling fakes. Remember the original pinner might not know the original source, so be polite as they might not realise.

It's important to leave a message so that they know they have pinned/repinned shoes from a site selling fakes. It is also a warning for those clicking the image, and hopefully it discourages people repinning the image again.

If you think you might have accidentally repinned from a scam website, you can check the website by clicking any of your pins. 

Click on Edit in the top left and look for Link (see example on the right) - this is where the image was originally sourced from. If it's legit, leave it, but if in doubt, or if it's fake, delete the URL and click Save Pin.